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Ways to Tell You Need a New Furnace Before Winter

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“Winter” is a relative term here in Florida. We have a winter season, but it isn’t a deep chill that requires running our furnaces through most of the day. But the weather does get cool and rainy enough that it’s still necessary to have a quality heating system. You may not know it, but that furnace you’ve relied on for many years to help you through the winter might not be ready for this winter.

How can you know that you need a furnace replacement? We’ll take a look at several of the indicators and warning signs. If you believe you need heating replacement in North Myrtle Beach, FL or you want a professional opinion, reach out to Martin Heat & Air. We can give you the peace of mind you need that you’ve made the right choice for home heating.

Furnace Age

The age of your furnace is the first factor to consider when contemplating replacing it. How long can you expect the average furnace to last? For gas furnaces, the average lifespan is from 10 to 15 years, and most units will make it to 15 if they’ve received routine maintenance. If you haven’t had your furnace maintained annually, knock a few years off that estimate. Electric furnaces can last from 20 to 25 years, and they also need regular maintenance.

If your furnace is above its estimated service life, it’s time to consider replacing it before it begins to decline in efficiency, effectiveness, and safety. 

Uneven Heating

One of the earliest signs of an older heater starting to lose its heating ability is when it unevenly heats the house. If you’ve recently noticed cold spots around your home when the furnace is running, this is a warning that the heater doesn’t have the same capacity it once did. For a younger furnace, this may signal the need for a repair. For an older furnace, it usually means it’s time for a replacement.

High Operating Cost

When a furnace reaches the last year or two of its service life, it will start to rapidly lose its energy efficiency. Regular maintenance will help a furnace lose only 5% of its efficiency over most of its service life, but the decline will turn steep as the furnace gets near the end. If you’re seeing much higher heating costs than usual, your old furnace is probably ready to retire.

Expensive Repairs or Too Many Repairs

You shouldn’t need to have your furnace professionally repaired every year—and certainly not more than once a year. This is too much money spent on an ailing system that’s better directed into a new unit. Also watch out for a repair that’s too costly, such as a repair that costs more than half of the price of getting a new furnace.

Safety Concerns

If you have any worries about the safety of your older furnace, then it’s always better to opt for a replacement than to try to push the old unit. Our technicians can identify when a furnace is at risk of becoming hazardous; we’ll definitely recommend replacing it because your safety and peace of mind are our first priority.

If you’re looking to replace your furnace, call on Martin Heat & Air. We’re more than HVAC services; we give you peace of mind.

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