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We know managing your HVAC system seems daunting, which is why we’ve created this list of tips and articles to help you navigate your home comfort system a little easier. From diagnosing repair concerns to understanding how imperative maintenance is, this resource covers what you need to know about your home comfort systems, and how Martin Heat & Air helps you maintain it throughout the year.

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Classic Signs From Your System That it Needs to be Serviced

  • Odd odors that come out of nowhere: You know how your HVAC system is supposed to smell. New odors could be dust burning off when you use your heater for the first time this season, or it could be indicative of a larger problem.
  • Spikes in utility bills: You’ve got a grip on your usual utility bills, and you don’t deviate from it often. If your bills are higher than usual, it’s a clear sign something’s amiss.
  • Abnormally high humidity in your home: Your HVAC system pulls humidity out of the air, so when it’s not doing its job, the humidity levels in your home go haywire. This often comes with airflow problems as well.

Why You’re Running Into Comfort Issues

  • It could be as simple as clogged filters: If your filers haven’t been changed out, it could impact your system’s airflow. Change your air filters to improve the air capacity in your HVAC system quickly.
  • Your thermostat isn’t working: A broken thermostat impairs your system’s ability to read the temperature and turn it off/on at the right times.
  • Electrical issues: These hazardous issues should only be handled by our experienced, professional technicians.
  • AC drainage issues: If your indoor air is too humid, your AC might not be draining condensation properly.
  • You could have a refrigerant leak: When refrigerant leaks, your system can freeze up, causing long-term damage. This issue isn’t surface-level; we’ll need to diagnose it after an inspection.
  • Dirty or clogged coils: Your coils are critical to your HVAC system’s operation. When they’re dirty or clogged up with dust, it affects everything.

How Important Regular Tune-Ups Really Are

  • They lower breakdown chances: You can’t prevent all breakdowns, but you can reduce your likelihood of encountering them.
  • They keep air flowing: By inspecting and cleaning coils and air filters, your system runs efficiently and as intended.
  • They’re used to detect air leaks: Your annual tune-up gives us the chance to see if your ducts are leaking, causing spikes in your energy bill and lowered efficiency.
  • Tune-ups identify electrical wear and tear: Whether it’s a part receiving too much or too little power, tune-ups give us a chance to identify imbalances and electrical performance issues in your HVAC unit.
  • Tune-ups help us spot corrosion: Rust and corrosion eat away at your system. We can spot and fix it during routine tune-ups
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