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Have burning questions? Let’s answer as many as we can on this one page. Here, you’ll find the answers you’ve been looking for when it comes to your HVAC and IAQ systems.

Why Isn’t My Thermostat Working?

Thermostats can be temperamental at times. There could be a number of issues, such as your thermostat being outdated, the flow of electricity isn’t supporting it (might be a wiring issue), or it could be related to your HVAC system and not your thermostat at all.

What’s the Difference Between an AC and a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps also act as air conditioners, but air conditioners don’t act as heat pumps. When you refer to a system as an air conditioner, it means it uses a method of evaporating and condensing refrigerant. Heat pumps can do that, too, but they can also kick it in reverse and heat your home as well. They act as two-in-one systems so you don’t need a separate heater and air conditioner unit.

What Do Smart Thermostats Do?

Smart thermostats learn your preferred heating and cooling behaviors, then optimize your home to maintain the comfort you want, but without wasting excess energy. They’re also very hands-off, so you can heat and cool your home, save money on your energy bills, and have less to do all at the same time.

When Do I Replace an Air Conditioner or Heat Pump?

Air conditioners and heat pumps generally last for 10-15 years. After the ten-year mark, you should begin preparing for your inevitable replacement. Annual maintenance appointments also act as points of inspection, so your HVAC technician should also be able to point out problems as they find them and help determine the life left in your system.

Why Do I Need an Air Purifier in My Home?

Cleaner air means less dust on the countertops every day, fewer particles in your lungs when you breathe in, and better sleep at night. Improved air quality greatly helps allergy sufferers, but it also positively impacts everyone in the home.

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